‘The world is at your finger tips’ is not just a metaphor anymore. Anything that is accessible to one’s mind is made available at the mere click of a button. It is only natural that Education is not left behind, be it the innumerable pages of information about any word that one might type in a search engine, or even better- virtual classrooms. This idea has revolutionized the whole concept of teaching and learning. There are universities offering online courses, and it is a great way for private tutors to reach out to a large number of people as well.

With the English language rapidly growing to become the window to the new world, one cannot afford to be left behind. But the new world also brings with it problems of time and space. It is technology again that is the saviour. Online learning is the one stroke solution to all these problems. All you need to do is log on to for Spoken English classes and Accent Training. You get to experience the atmosphere of a classroom right at your desk and be trained by an experienced person. You can see the teacher on your screen and interact with her using headphones and a mic. You can even see the notes she makes on your screen. The study material will be sent to you via e-mail. The classes are held every day of the week as per request.