Duration: 40 hours
Prerequisites: The student should know how to read and write in English.

  • Introduction to 44 sound words in the English language
  • Rules pertaining to the pronunciation (Consonants and Vowels)
  • Accent, Rhythm and Intonation

Particular sounds of the English language are absent in other Languages and the basic tone of the speaker differs from a native English speaker.

The course helps students to neutralize their accent according to the rules behind pronunciation
Modulation or intonation is taught to frame questions and statements to suit the tone of the sentence.
Stress patterns are practiced according to the general rules of pronunciation to create a rhythm.

The sessions can be recorded and practiced with the provided material .These live classes will enable students to create a neutralized accent to suit any conversation with a native speaker of English, enabling them to speak precisely and to the point confidently without any errors.

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Classes are conducted online through Skype and the sessions can be recorded. Onsite classes are available only at Jayanagar, Bangalore.

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