Privacy Policy


At Online Accent Spoken English, we are greatly committed in protecting the privacy of our clients. This privacy policy explains the kind of information that is collected through this site along with their handling and usage details. The site also details about the policies of third party tools like Google Analytics, YouTube and Skype as we use them in our website. Please take few minutes of your time to go through this policy and to understand it completely. Please be informed that it is assumed you accept to our site policy terms and conditions on usage of our website services.

Personal Information
We do not collect any personal details other than the visitors name , email address and phone number which are strictly used only for the purpose of contacting our customers. We value your privacy and hence do not share your personal information with any third party vendors.

Non-Personal Information
Our website does not collect or store details about the visitors web servers and browsers. We do not capture information about browser type, date-time details, operating system, referring site or language preference, etc. when you visit our site.
We do collect information on Internet Protocol addresses though, to analyze the usage trend on the website. This is a non-personal information but could still be used to link to information which can help identify users. We might also share this potential identification details with our employees, contractors and third party vendors for the purpose of report creation or analysis to help us understand the usage trends of the site. We may also publish such usage trends as reports in our site publically to establish website access and usage patterns.

Website Members
Members who wish to enroll for courses are by default required to create username and passwords. This information is stored in our database along with personal information which the member chooses to provide. You can at any time choose not to provide your telephone number or other contact information along with your profile information. Please be informed that any information that is provided through the site is available to our website staff and developers and is used for the sole purpose of serving our clients better. Your email address can also be used at times to send education material and promotional offers that might benefit and interest you.

Information Visibility Online Accent Spoken English will not share any data collected through this site during user authentication or financial dealing. In other words, password information that is collected for user authentication and card details acquired during financial transactions will not be shared or published publically. Other than these, we own the privilege to share or publish the other information collected via the site for non-profit reasons.
The personal confidential data collected will be disclosed with our employees, contractors and third party service providers who will use it only for the purpose of processing along with adhering to a strict non-disclosure policy. We do not sell or rent the personal information that has been collected to any third party vendors or providers. We will also retain the data up to a specified period till when the data collection purpose is resolved.

Data Security
We have many security measures in place which help us protect your data and information against intrusions and thefts. Our internal monitoring and policies ensure that our employees do not access customer’s personal data beyond their business jurisdiction and needs. We also conduct regular security reviews to ensure maximum data security.

Third Party Tools
Online Accent Spoken English website uses third party tools like Skype and YouTube for communication and classroom purposes while Google Analytics is used for the purpose of website usage monitoring. We strictly adhere to the privacy policy of the relevant third party tools and advise you to have a look at their terms and conditions before you proceed to use them.
Skype: Skype is used by the website for the purpose of communication during the online sessions. You might need to possess a valid Skype ID which will be stored for identification purposes. Logging in with Skype is a must and once logged in, Skype obtains personal information that has been provided during the time of account creation. The website does not store any personal details though Skype stores personal details and conversation history. The data that is collected is used only for the purpose of user authentication and for providing efficient services. We recommend that you read Skype Privacy Policy before usage of the service.
YouTube: The site posts videos on YouTube that needs to be viewed by the users. Viewing of such files in YouTube does not require the users to register with YouTube though they can choose to do so if needed. Irrespective of whether you are logged in or not, YouTube collects non-personal identifiable data like browser and site usage details. In case you are logged in with YouTube, these details along with any comments that you make on the video will be associated with your YouTube account. Please take a look at YouTube Privacy Policy before proceeding to use their services.
Google Analytics: Online Accent Spoken English uses Google Analytics to understand the website usage trends and traffic details. Google Analytics is Google web analytics service where non-personal information like browser details, IP address, etc. are collected and stored in Google servers for the purpose of trend generation. This information may also be shared with third party vendors for report generation purposes and is not used to associate your personal identification with the data collected. Refer to Google Analytic Privacy Policy to know more about the data collection and storage.
There might also be links that will allow you to leave Online Accent Spoken English website and access other websites. We do not take responsibility of any data collected in the other websites and it is strictly required that you take a look at the privacy policy of the respective site before you use them.
Cookies: Our Online Accent Spoken English website uses cookies that are required to provide the best services. We also use third party analytics tools to capture user statistics for the purpose of reporting website trends. This section explains in detail what cookies are and how we use them in our website to make your experience better.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are information blocks that are stored in the user computer drive by the website so that the website can identify the user for future subsequent visits. Thus the cookie is like a label that the website can understand to remember your browser and its details. This information helps track user usage of the site and stores preferences to facilitate easy access during the subsequent visits.

Is it safe to store the data?
Cookies are basic standards of internet businesses. They store the information only till the services are being used and erase them from the computer as soon as the browser is closed. The cookies do not provide access to other information that is stored in your computer and are hence safe.

What to do if you do not want the cookies enabled?
The cookies storage option can be modified if you wish to have the cookies disabled. You can change your browser settings to have the cookies disabled. But please be aware that turning off the cookies might cause certain features to not display or function as required.

For more detailed information on any aspect of our privacy policy,
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