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How To Improve English Speaking Fluency

How To Improve English Speaking Fluency


Are you one of those who wish to speak in English but hesitates to start? Don’t worry, you are not alone on this track. You just need to agree to the fact that THE ENGLISH language is no exception, and be a care free bird, not bothered about grammar, people or judgment but Just go with the flow and realize and rectify mistakes with a learning spirit. Practicing often with the core pillars like Listening, reading, speaking, writing and repeating will enable you to learn and speak English fluently and confidently

Let’s read the two vital points to improve English speaking fluency

Believe in yourself:

In order to learn anything new whether it is cooking, driving or anything else, the first and foremost step is to believe in yourself. Develop a sense of confidence within yourself for what you are going to pursue. Tell yourself every day that” I can do it”.

Prepare a strategy:

Strategy is the most important factor for turning a dream into reality. It prepares you step by step for success. Strategy involves planning of how, when and where? A perfect strategy should be prepared for having a command over the English language.


Some tips and tricks on how to improve English speaking fluency:

Level 1: Start thinking in the language:

As the day goes on start thinking in English what you see, hear or want to express. It is completely okay to get started with simple sentences. Keep on preparing yourself for the conversations. It will help you to be confident and a good speaker. It’s an amazing way to learn a language.

Level2: Follow the chain listen, read, speak and write

Try to develop a habit to listen, read, speak, and write the language in your day to day life. Whether you are at work or with friends apply it and an awesome improvement is assured with this method. The above four are great combinations with each other.

Level 3: Learn phrases:

Learn some good and easy phrases to accompany your English conversations. Choose such phrases which are commonly used and can fit in sentences. This activity will definitely add stars to your conversations and make you a fluent speaker.

Level4 The mirror and phone activity:

Treat mirror as your best friend and just talk to it no matter what it is, because it is the only friend who listens to you without interruptions. Moreover, you just pick your phone and simply start pretending to play conversations as children do. Many people find phone conversations equally difficult as one cannot see the other person’s reaction and body language which means a lot in a conversation.

Level5: Watch English movies and songs with subtitles

Choose some shows which you find interesting and just concentrate a little over the subtitles. This plays a vital role in learning how to frame sentences. Singing along with lyrics can also help a bit. This is a great exercise for building up the skills.

Level6: Reflect over the conversation

Once you are done with the conversation reflect over it. How was it? Was I better than last time? What mistakes did I do? Where can I improve? This is a sort of introspection that will help you to speak English fluently and a step better than before.

Level7: Have fun

It is very much important to have fun with what you are learning. It’s a key ingredient which always keeps you dragging towards excellence. When you are in a fun mode you find any task easier and adapt things faster.

Apart from all the above ideas, the tip which is most important for each learner is “Practice, Practice, and Practice” as it can only make one perfect.


Thanks and enjoy learning.


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