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Accent Reduction Classes Online

The computer has brought many changes in our lives and its online facet has enabled us to take advantage of the internet from the comfort of our homes. The English language is in great demand as the medium of communication due to its wide usage in the largest economies of the world.The demand for the language has led to many spoken English centers opening up to cater to this burgeoning requirement.  Education has been made accessible to many through online classes without wasting time despite the distance. Learning has been made easy through different VOIP tools like Skype.

Spoken English and Accent Neutralization is a necessity today. One such training center is available at Jayanagar, Bangalore India. The center is named “ONLINE ACCENT SPOKEN ENGLISH”. The center provides Spoken English and Accent Neutralization classes online as well as face to face sessions (subject to availability). The timing is flexible – arranged according to the convenience of the teacher and the student. The online classes are conducted through Skype, and the student has the facility to view the teacher through the camera and observe what is written or shared on the screen. The Online Accent and Spoken English classes are programmed according to the requirement of the student.

The Spoken English classes enable the students to improve their conversational ability and increase their confidence due to correction in grammar, sentence structure and many other aspects of the language. Training is given in reading, writing, listening and speaking.



Accent Neutralization is an important part of Spoken English. Pronunciation plays a very important role as the speaker needs to be understood by the audience.  Clarity in one’s speech increases confidence and fluent communication without repetitions is possible. The speaker is made to practice the Stress Patterns, Accent and Rhythm of spoken English with exercises. These lessons in spoken English will enable the student to be intelligible to any native speaker of English. Today, job profiles require good degrees with experience as well as an excellent command over Spoken English with a good accent. ONLINE ACCENT SPOKEN ENGLISH helps students to do better in learning the language.

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