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Spoken English Accent Training Bangalore

Here I am, with the mystery of working from home. This concept might not sound strange anymore as many opportunities have been created by the advent of the internet. Grasping the opportunity I was at the right place at the right time.
I was skeptical initially when I started my adventure on a road less traveled. I utilized the tools available on the computer to mark the beginning of a journey as a SPOKEN ENGLISH and AN ACCENT NEUTRALIZER.
I used my reading habit, attraction towards right pronunciation and my graduation in English Literature to create a programmer to teach Spoken English to all those who wished to converse better by correcting their Grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, house gold accent, rhythm, and intonation.
I created a website www.onlineaccentspokenenglish.com and advertised on the internet. Very soon I was flooded by requests to teach students from India and abroad. I used to spend 8 to 10 hours helping students in gaining their confidence while facing interviews, holding conversations or carrying day to day interactions without any hitches. Students expressed their satisfaction and improved their performance, after many hours of training under my guidance.
The passion for helping and guiding people while speaking the English language became a profession soon. I was forced to enhance my skills by attending a communication course with accent neutralization as its main subject. This helped in developing my Spoken English knowledge.
Today, I am connected to many people on the internet from different parts of the world, taking Spoken English classes throughout the day [with intehouseholdchores]these connections have enabled me to know about different places, weather, cultures, mannerisms, practices, and beliefs.
“Imparting Education” is considered to be the noblest of all the professions and I feel my life is worthwhile teaching Spoken English for a better tomorrow.

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