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What is Accent and why is it required

An accent is a way of pronouncing a language associated with a particular country, geographical area or social class. Everyone has an accent, hence it is impossible and difficult to speak without an accent. Your accent reflects your identity, shows your origin and impression to others.Some people may think that they do not have an accent, Or, you may think that there are other people who do not have an accent.
The regional accents of English speakers show great variation across the areas where English is spoken as a first language. Different countries have different accents. If your accent matches with the people around you, then you’ll fit in with them.
English Accent is broadly divided into two groups- US Accent and British Accent.
US accent is the accent of America and the British accent is an accent of England. These two accents are heard more by many people, than the accents associated with a smaller area or the other countries.
If you are interested in learning different types of English Accent, join us.Weat “Online Accent and Spoken English” provide best Accent training and Spoken English in Bangalore.We have class room training and online classes too.Online classes are done through Skype.
Who all can learn Accent??

  • People looking for call center jobs.
  • People who want to go abroad to study, work or visit.
  • People who want to communicate with the overseas clients as part of their job requirement.
  • People having interests in learning other accents.

We help in Accent neutralization.With this , it helps students reduce their mother tongue influence.Accent neutralization is very much common now a days as the business is spread world wide.With call centers emerging , the method of teaching people to successfully communicate all over the world has become very crucial and is a pre-requisite.
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  1. Kiran Kumar May 21, 2015

    I am looking US accent training , I based in EST time zone. Can you kindly schedule a demo.



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